Green Projects – Crafts with Live Plant life

Green Tasks – Crafts with Live Plants

You can combine science with crafts in a green craft project, and the finished items produce interesting and attractive displays. Unlike various other crafts, living craft projects grow and change than gather dust rather. Here are some basic ideas on how to do a few of these green crafts with your kids.
1. Terrarium
Few crafts train children so much about how an ecosystem works when compared to a terrarium. And it gets better – you can show your kids about recycling simultaneously by planting your terrarium in a utilized 2-litre plastic bottle. Her2-litre.
* Empty, clear 2-litre plastic bottle
* Small container or pot that will fit in the bottle
* Pea-sized gravel
* Potting soil
* Assorted plant life or seeds
* Scissors or sharp knife

Using the scissors or knife (a serrated bread knife works best), cut the bottom off the bottle. Place some gravel in the bottom of the container for drainage. Add the soil and plant the plant life or seeds after that. Water your seeds or plant life well, place the very best of the bottle over the container then. For fun, allow your children to put small figurines or homes in the dirt around the vegetation (if using seeds, these fun additions could be added later). Cap the bottle and stick it in a sunny spot.

2. Plant life in Cans
That is another project which makes use of recycling. Conserve your soup cans and give this a try.
* Seeds or seedlings (herbs prosper in pots, parsley especially, basil, mint, and chives)
* Potting soil
* Large nail
* Hot glue gun
* Items such as beads and buttons which can be glued to the exterior of the cans (you may also make use of paint or stickers)
Before beginning, take away the labels from the cans. Some soaking in warm, soapy water generally accomplishes this. Then, using a large nail, punch 3 or 4 holes in the bottom of each can (this is a job for a grown-up, of training course!). Let kids decorate the cans as they like, and fill the cans with soil then. Plant seeds or seedlings and place in a sunny window or outdoors.

3. Container Garden
Container gardening could be a lot of fun for kids, because some of the more boring duties of gardening especially, such as for example weeding and tilling, aren’t necessary with containers. Also, the containers could be moved by you to sunny spots as needed. That can be done a great many vegetables or fruits in containers; this project targets strawberries, a favourite among kids.
* Hanging plant baskets (you may use lots of different containers for strawberries, too)
* Potting soil
* Strawberry “plugs,” or seedlings
* humus or Compost
Plant only one strawberry plant per hanging basket. Your son or daughter might enjoy a number of these hanging in layers on shepherd’s staffs or from your own porch. Fill the basket with planting medium and dig a little hole in the guts. Make sure it’s deep enough for the whole “plug” to become under the soil. Drinking water, and feed through the growing period by functioning compost into the soil periodically.
Variation: cucumbers could be grown in hanging baskets, too. Choose a small selection of pickling cucumbers.

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