Educational Crafts for Children

Why not help to make learning fun with crafts? Research has shown again and again that hands-on actions help children find out and retain details. So can be some educational crafts, to begin with here.
1. Fraction Fun
Introduce or evaluate fractions with this fun activity.
* At least 3 white paper plates
* Crayons and/or markers
* Scissors
* A variety of “close friends,” such as stuffed animals, dolls, action figures, and so forth
Using the markers and crayons, let your son or daughter decorate the paper plates as cookies or pizzas. Then, trim one plate in half, one in thirds, one in fourths, etc. Have your son or daughter decide which pizza/cookie is suitable for the real number of toy guests. Make up a whole story designed for the guests to diminish or increase in number in order to increase interest.

2. Building Bridges
Bridge engineering can be an exact science. Introduce your son or daughter to this idea with this bridge-building craft.
* Mini marshmallows
* Toothpicks

Look in age-appropriate books upon bridge and bridges building. This can help you get a tough idea regarding the style of your bridge. After that let your son or daughter build a bridge using the toothpicks and marshmallows (helping when you need to).
The toothpicks should be stuck in to the marshmallows to produce a bridge structure; the marshmallows sign up for the toothpicks. Several toothpicks could be stuck into one marshmallow, too. Help your son or daughter solve problems he or she encounters with the look, and consider the chance to explain why certain styles don’t work.

3. Bag Books
Make use of paper bags to make a descriptive reserve. Here’s how.
* Brown paper bag
* Paint, markers, crayons, etc.
* Stapler
* Glue
* Scissors
* White and coloured cards or paper share
* Yarn
* Hole punch

Let the youngster decorate one part of the bag using markers, paints, etc. The name of the publication goes right here (example: “Katie’s Color Book”).
Heading with the colour book idea, make use of several bits of white paper (cut to a size that may fit upon the bag) and create the name of a colour on each page. Then, collect three or four pictures or items that represent each colour (four blue items, three red products, etc). Write what these things are on the corresponding colour page. (On the yellowish page, list all of the yellow products, and so forth.)
Staple these webpages together to help make the book’s pages, or make use of a hole punch and bind the pages with yarn. Glue this to the back of the handbag. Then your child can dump out and sort the contents of the bag according to the written book pages.


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