Crafts for All Seasons

Here are some ideas for crafts you can enjoy based on the season.

1. Winter
Winter is an excellent period for crafts seeing that caregivers and parents search for indoor entertainment. Try this necklace building craft for older teens or kids.
Snowflake Necklace
* Necklace wire
* Needle-nosed pliers
* Beads of various tones and sizes of blue, clear, and white

First, produce the snowflake pendant. Bend the wire into a dime-sized circle and string beads loosely onto the circle. Twist the band closed. You should have a little-beaded ring which allows the beads to slide a little bit.
Next, utilize the needle nose pliers to attach eight pieces of wire about 2 inches long each between your beads at even intervals.
String beads along the bits of wire that task from the band. Leave about 3/16 of an inch of wire by the end of each piece. If you are happy with the look, utilize the needle nosed pliers to bend the remaining 3/16-inch piece of wire into a tiny loop to keep the beads from slipping off. Choose which “prong” you intend to be the very best of the snowflake, and make sure that loop is large to permit the necklace cable to undergo enough.
Slip necklace cable into this top loop and string beads on either part, free-type or symmetrical. Twist the wire at the end or connect a necklace clasp.

2. Spring
Here is a springtime craft idea for young kids, but older types may enjoy this, as well.
Door Hanger
* Metal coat hanger
* Green pipe cleaners
* Flowers – dried, created from tissue, building paper, or silk
* Hot glue gun
Bend the triangular area of the coat hanger into a sizable diamond shape. Keep the hanger hook intact.
Wrap the diamond and hook with green pipe cleaners. Glue the flowers of your choice around the gemstone shape and hang on the door.

3. Summer

It’s a great time to end up being outdoors in the summer, evening cookouts and parties are in full swing and. Light your summertime nights with this craft.
Hanging Backyard Tea Lights
* Tealight candles (make use of citronella if you would like to repel bugs)
* Small cup jars such as baby food jars
* Thin wire
* Needle-nosed pliers
* Beads

Around the rim of the jar, bend a ring of wire; take it off and string beads on it then. Put it loosely back again on the jar, closing the band with the pliers slightly.
Use the needle nose pliers to add two bits of wire on either aspect of the ring. They are the hangers. String beads on these hanger wires, bend the top of them into hooks then. Twist the wire of the band now, making it tight fairly. Play a tealight and hang from a plant or branch hanger.

4. Fall
Nature provides lots of “fallout” this time around of year! Gather up some autumn leaves to create a fine placemat. Children of all ages might help with or do that one.
* Autumn leaves pressed and dried
* Clear get in touch with the paper
* Construction paper
* White coloured decoupage or glue moderate
* Small paint brush with fairly stiff bristles
* Scissors
Select a rectangle or sq . of structure paper in a colour which will complement your leaves. Brush glue or decoupage medium carefully onto each leaf and stick it where you prefer on the paper.
Use the decoupage or glue medium along with the leaves to steady them into place. Then, cover both relative sides of the leaf-covered building paper with very clear contact paper. (One side could have left; the various other sides will end up being plain.) Trim the edges to create them even.

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